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City of Domes

The City of Domes is the sole remaining outpost of humanity in the future of Logan's Run.

Most of the inhabitants of the City accept their lot in life, knowing that when they reach the age of 30, they must submit themselves to die in the ritual of Carousel. Those who refuse to report to Carousel and attempt to flee the City are known as Runners.


In the television series the city is referred to as the City of Domes. Most of the footage of the city is recycled from the movie.

The City of Domes

The City of Domes


In the theatrical film, the city is not given a name. It is simply referred to as "the city".

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cityofdomes.net Provides a virtual experience in the City Of Domes world as a citizen or as a Sandman. Site originally used in the Logan's Run Alternate Reality Game in the year 2005.