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The Follower is a device in Logan's Run used by Sandmen that follows and 'tracks' Runners on Last Day.

The blinking lifeclock in a Runner's hand transmits information about the Runner into this handheld device. This device is extremely useful when hunting a Runner. Not only can it pinpoint his location, it can also alert the Sandman of a Runner's possible change of identity, from a quick visit at New You!

As the Runner is trying to run for his life, he is unaware that his movements are being tracked easily by his executioner!

Finally, this device can also act as a communications link between the Sandman and the Main Computer. Upon terminating the Runner, the Sandman speaks into the Follower and records the time of the 'kill' and may also request any additional information regarding the Runner. The Sandman must also state that their kill is now, "Ready for Cleanup!" which tells the Stickman to come and clean up the mess.