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Richard Jordan as Sandman Francis 7

Randy Powell as Francis 7

Francis 7 is a Sandman, loyal to the order of the City of Domes. Francis 7 is played by Richard Jordan in the film, and by Randy Powell in the television series.

About Francis 7

Francis is Logan's patrol partner and best friend. Francis is a believer in the concept of renewal. Francis does not believe in questioning the system. Francis finds carousel exciting. Francis is annoyed when Logan starts to question why do people run. Francis tells Logan that runners are "sick, why else would somebody try to escape sleep?" Francis states the line that all citizens are told: one birth for a death, one for one, the natural way. Logan asks Francis if he has ever seen anybody renewed to which Francis answers we do not question the order of things. Francis states a Sandman's job is to hunt down and kill runners. Francis enthusiastically participates in the cheering of "Renew!" at Carousel.

While hunting a runner, Logan who is now questioning the system hits Francis in the back of the head rendering him unconscious. When Francis awakens, he calls for sandman reinforcements. When Francis loses Logan and Jessica at a sealed door to the old city. He gets a call from the computer. He is told to go to White Quadrant One. Francis says "no one is permitted at White Quadrant One." The computer repeats the command. Francis is told by the computer to step between two columns at White Quadrant One. Francis is transported or teleported in to a secret higher level where he meets the cabal of elders, who run the City of Domes. Francis repeats his loyal refrain that a Sandman does not question the order of things. The Elders tell Francis that the reason why the system is so balanced because they made it that way. The Elders tell Francis that there is no renewal. The Elders explain to Francis that in a contained society, population control is necessary to main the existence of the city. The Elders tell Francis if he can capture Logan and bring him back to be reprogrammed, that he will be rewarded by becoming a member of the cabal. Francis is ordered by the cabal of elders to take two fellow sandmen and hunt for Logan and Jessica outside the city.Francis is determined to catch Logan no matter what.


In the film, Francis is cornered and killed by Logan in the ruins of Washington, DC. A dying Francis, on discovering that Logan's lifeclock is now clear, exclaims "Logan...you renewed!" and then dies, still convinced that renewal is real.


In the series Francis is promised a life beyond thirty as a city elder if he can bring back the fugitives Logan 5 and Jessica 6.