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The Gun is the weapon used by Sandmen, or Deep Sleep operatives, in Logan's Run.


In the novels, these guns carry six rounds of varying types of ammo (tangler, nitro, vapor, ripper, needler and the most popular - Homer). Homers are the popular rounds of choice. These rounds sense body heat, and upon impact, ignite every pain nerve in its victim, causing instant death.


In the film, only one type of shot is fired, which kills the target. When fired, flames erupt from the sides of the barrel. It has a much larger ammunition capacity of 120 firings, good for approximately six weeks of normal use. Instead of firing solid projectiles, the gun shoots charged particles. A single shot is enough to kill a human or destroy certain obstacles.

The gun's body is made of teflon-plated tempered durasteel. The range of the Sandman Gun is approximately 360 feet, and has a recharge time of three hours.


In the TV Series the flamegun has three settings: stun, blast and kill. Settings were changed by turning the back of the barrel.


Much like in the books there are six types of ammo: Homer, tangled, nitro, vapor, ripper, and needler.