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Micheal York as Logan 5

Logan 5 from Marvel Comics 1977 based on Movie Version

Logan 3 from Adventure Comics 1990 based on the original novel

Logan is the titular protagonist in all Logan's Run media. In the novel he is designated Logan 3, but in the film he is Logan 5.

Logan is portrayed by Michael York in the film, and by Gregory Harrison in the TV series.

About Logan

Logan is a Sandman who is ordered by the master computer to infiltrate the Runners, and does so by altering his Lifeclock to that of a Runner's (in the film's actuality Logan is 26 years old). However, Logan 5 meets and falls in love with Jessica 6 and decides to run.


In Logan's Run Last Day from Bluewater Productions, he is designated Logan 6.

In the Adventure Comics adaptation, he is designated Logan 3.