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The Innocent is the fourth episode of the Logan's Run television series. It first aired 10 October 1977.

Guest Cast

  • Lisa Eilbacher, Lisa was from Saudi Arabia (the daughter of a rich oil company executive) she is best known as the cadet who could not make it over the wall in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman. On the sci-fi side she also appeared in the movie Leviathan as the character Bridget. She did some vocal work in the 1981 Spiderman cartoon. She was also a regular on the 1977 live action version of Spiderman where she played Judy Tyler. She made an appearance as Juliette in the Man From Atlantis episode "Naked Montague". She also played Vicki in The Brady Bunch episode "The Subject Was Noses", and Nicki Molloy in the 1998 series Midnight Caller.
  • Brian Kerwin, Patrick (a Sandman) - Played the second Greg Foster on Young and the Restless during 1976, Most recently he was the executive producer of a TV movie called Common Ground and played the character Chuck Dawson. He was in an episode of Tales from the Crypt and in the TV movie about the Challenger disaster he played Commander Michael Smith. But you may remember him best as Deputy 'Birdie' Hawkins form the TV series The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo.
  • Barney McFadden, Jeremy (a Sandman) He was also in Salem's Lot playing Floyd Tidbits. he was a semi-regular on Spy Game (2001) where he played Jack Hendricks in three episodes. He was also in the "Olympiad" episode of Buck Rogers (strangely enough that episode used the video sequence form the beginning of Logan's Run as a special effect!)
  • Gene Tyburn, Friend - He did not do too much after this episode of Logan's Run. You can see him in a lot of other things though. He played 'director' in the Night Gallery episode "The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes" and was in a ton of Wild Wild West shows; Mark Chambers in Night of Bleak Island, Gambler in Night of the Egyptian Queen, Felton in Night of the Falcon. You can probably spot him in the classic Outer Limits episode "The Mice".
  • Lou Richards Sandman The IMDB does not list him as having been in Logan's Run, but I think it does list the actor. He was also in CHiPs and in She's the Sheriff as Deputy Don Puttnam. He also provided the voice for Flash Gordon in Defenders of the Earth (1986) and doing the voice of Leader 1 in Go Bots War of the Rock Lords. He has also appeared on CSI and Without a Trace.