In the Novel, the the Thinker is a computer controls the population of the world, and tracks the runners who run from the required death time. It is based within the completed Crazy Horse Monument, in the Dakota Mountains of what was America. The Thinker controls maze cars, hell cars and Deep Sleep Operatives.

Role in Other Media

In the Movie, a feminine-voiced computer controls the city. The computer communicates with Sandmen.

Procedure 03:033 Retrogram


In the TV version of Logan's Run the city is under the control the cabal of elderly citizens. The council is made of Elite citizens of the city who have been given the privilege to live beyond the age of 30. In the Pilot of the TV series the cabal of elderly citizens offers Francis 7 life after the age of 30 as an elder.


The Elder Stateman


Francis 7 meets the Cabal of Elders


Francis speaks to the Cabal